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Looking for an experienced, inspirational speaker for your group or event? Recover Resources lists here only proven speakers who have been carefully evaluated--no amateurs, only the best.

Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington
Ready. Set. Do It! and other presentations that inspire hope and encouragement.

Rarely a speaker comes along who inspires real change. Rarely can a speaker touch the hearts and minds of an audience with a personal story about despair and devastation turned into hope and opportunity. Steve Harrington is one such speaker.

Steve has overcome two psychiatric disorders and has turned challenging experiences into a compelling story about recovery. His message is meaningful to all audiences because it is a story about hope. Indeed, his listeners leave filled with that hope and inspired to change their lives for the better.

Steve's story has touched audiences across the U.S. at conferences, business meetings and rallies. His approach is personal, honest, and direct. He inspires listeners to challenge assumptions and tackle even very difficult problems. He details steps everyone can use to lead more productive and positive lives.

The author of 12 books, Steve is most proud of The Depression Handbook, You Can Recover!, and his newest book, Trees of Hope. His work has drawn critical acclaim from among the country's top leaders in business, government and healthcare.

Audiences enjoy humorous anecdotes woven into a message of motivation and compassion. Steve uses his experiences, such as drifting 1,700 miles down the Mississippi River on a log raft, photographing polar bears in the Arctic and mountain climbing in the Rockies to keep listeners interested and enthralled. He uses costumes and a variety of unusual visual aids to captivate audiences that leave inspired and talking and thinking for months.

In addition, Steve makes presentations on creating recovery cultures in mental health organizations, talking to the news media about mental health issues, using nature as a therapeutic strategy, peer support and peer specialists program development. Steve earned a bachelor of science degree at Michigan State University, a masters of public administration degree at Grand Valley State University, and a juris doctor degree from Cooley Law School. He is the founder of the National Association of Peer Specialists.
What People Are Saying:

"We've found a jewel in Steve Harrington. He is intelligent, articulate, and unafraid to address the difficult issues of mental illness."
Fred Frese, Ph.D.

"What a great presentation! I've never seen such an immediate and spontaneous standing ovation at any other conference. You've touched us all!"
Cheri Sixbey, director, Assertive Community Treatment Association

"Your presentation was one of the conference highlights. Our participants left the conference feeling valued, hopeful and more empowered to take an active role in improving mental health services in their communities." --NAMI North Carolina State Conference

"Your name is quickly becoming synonymous with recovery--and for that you can be especially proud."
--Paul Ippel, director Network180

For a complete speaker information package, contact Steve at: or call (616) 773-8866

Antonio Lambert

Antonio Lambert

What were YOU doing when you were 17 years old?

At age 17, Antonio Lambert was carrying the scars of nine bullets and was sentenced to 22 years in prison.  A life of severe depression and substance abuse had taken their toll.

Now, Antonio is back on the streets to help others with psychiatric conditions. He has emerged as a respected community leader. His most popular presentation: From Streets to Prison to Streets: Recovery Comes Full Circle, is an inspiring story about his challenges and, most important, how and why he changed his life.

Antonio has presented keynote addresses for several large groups and his enthusiastic presentation style and honesty make him an increasingly popular speaker. He is a trainer of peer specialists in North Carolina and is the author of a new training curriculum for peer specialists working with persons with substance use disorders.

For more information, contact Antonio at: 



Bill MacPhee


Bill MacPhee

The founder and CEO of SZ Digest, Bill MacPhee is recognized as a leading mental health advocate. His presentations change lives. Using his story of overcoming difficult challenges to ultimate success leaves audiences long remembering his message of recovery.

Bill also has a series of videos and a long list of impressive testimonials regarding his presentations.

Contact Bill for more information at: